101 Dalmatians DVD Cover Art

One of Disney's "TRUE" classics, "101 DALMATIONS" has been released as a two disc platinum edition.  Perdita and Pongo are two dogs living with their owners in a fashionable home in London. When Perdita gives birth to a liter of 15 puppies, the owners, being loving and "wealthy" decide to keep them, choosing not to even sell one to the sinister old friend of the wife, one "Cruella De Vil." Of course, Cruella will stop at nothing to get those pups, and skin them for their fur coats, so her henchmen kidnap them along with many others, and a rescue mission unfolds. "101 Dalmations" is great animation, but also great cinema!

BUENA VISTA has provided the correct 1.33:1 aspect ratio for this release. Although previous versions offered a letterboxed, 1.78:1 framing, it appears this is the correct ratio.  Colors and depth are greatly improved upon over the previous dvd release. While there's not much difference in framing, virtually every scene appears brighter and better balanced. Blacks are deeper and there's a glossy, slick image to be marveled at in scene after scene.

BUENA VISTA has provided a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix for this release.  A original master is also included, but this 5.1 mix is that rare instance wherein remixing has been an asset rather than simply over-blowing everything as was typical with previous "CHACE" re-engineering on laserdiscs. Not many separation effects, but fidelity is terrific and music is well enhanced through all speakers.

A bevy of extras, include: deleted songs, trailers, documentaries and more!