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UNIVERSAL has released all three of the "FAST AND THE FURIOUS" entries on HD-DVD.  Director John Singleton, a much more talented director than Rob Cohen, who helmed the first "FAST AND THE FURIOUS" film, is responsible for "2 FAST 2 FURIOUS, and he showcases a technical style that's always impressive and eye-catching, even with a story that at best resembles the plot to a simulated motion ride at "DAVE AND BUSTERS" .  Paul Walker reprises his role from the first film. After being kicked out of the police force, his unique talents are called upon to help bust a bad guy stealing top-of-the-line cars. To add some grit and sex appeal, he teams up with an ex-con and beauty. 

There's no semblance of reality to be found here and that makes the large number of deaths seem game-like to the film's detriment.  Still, the car fanatics awaiting this film will have their needs met, as the cars presented are really displayed with a sort of reverence and photographic luster that's extremely impressive. The pacing is fast enough to move the film along without many lulls and although it doesn't make up for a inane script, it's fun enough to kick back with some popcorn and enjoy.

UNIVERSAL has preserved the film's 2.35:1 aspect ratio.  It's a great looking transfer! Although hues are all over the place, the colors are more vibrant than any of the other "FAST AND FURIOUS" films. The blacks and grays are deep and detail provides enough depth for the transfer to achieve a near 3-D level of clarity.  There is no grain or artifact to be found here! Really impressive!

UNIVERSAL has provided a DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS 5.1 mix.  This is an aggressive mix, loaded with one effect overtaking another. There's not one scene wherein bass or discrete effects are utilized, making this an ideal demonstration dvd to show off one's sound system. The dialogue is always intelligible, even amidst the flurry of effects. Music, however, is frequently overshadowed.

All of the extras from the special edition dvd have been carried over, including commentary and featurettes.