While certainly not for everyone, sports and car enthusiasts should be thoroughly entertained with "3000 MILES," the new documentary focusing on the 2006 Gumball Rally. While credit is given to Maximillion  Cooper with creating the idea of filming a rally of skaters(Tony Hawke) and rock celebrities driving around in expensive and unusual cars over an 8 day period, it's not an "original" concept and the guy basically just managed to get people, already sold on MTV type of sports shows to pony up and invest in this one!  The route is actually kind of interesting, starting in London and the 2nd leg beginning in Thailand!  After then flying to Utah, drivers then speed across the desert for a party and end up, ultimately at Rodeo Drive, before a final party at the Playboy Mansion. 

The multiple angle imagery is both entertaining and annoying at times, but fans of extreme sports seem to be more tolerant of this style of editing, imagery than this reviewer!  The wide screen image varies in quality greatly. At times, detail is terrific, and at others, it's quite grainy. Colors are generally consistent. Contrast is above average, but not anywhere near reference quality.

A Dolby Digital 5.1 mix is provided. The mix varies in quality as well. There are a few instances where surround/separation enhances the image, but these are surprisingly few and far between.

Again, big fans of cars and extreme sports will probably enjoy this dvd. Those mildly interested in viewing the (parties, celebrities)will be disappointed by the minimal footage of these aspects.