Colorization is rearing its head again, but at least this time the
process has been improved enough for those angered at it, to have
more control over it than they did earlier when turning down the
color was the only option to have select films in their library.
COLUMBIA TRISTAR has released two separate collections of “THREE
STOOGES” shorts.  “STOOGED AND CONFUSED” contains: Violent is the
Word for Curly/ You Nazty Spy!/ No Census, No Feeling/An Ache in
Every Stake.  While “Violent is the Word for Curley” the others are
new to dvd. “YOU NAZTY SPY” features Moe as a nasty ruler of a place,
aptly called “Moronica”.  Great stuff and released “before” Chaplin’s
“GREAT DICTATOR”! “AN ACHE IN EVERY STAKE” is perhaps the best of any
short from the Stooges. It certainly offers one of Curly’s best
performances, as the stooges take on the job of ice men. It’s worth
getting the collection for this short alone!
The colorization process has improved greatly since its debut in the
‘80s. Technology has allowed for greater color selection so that
colors vary greatly enough to make the image look fresh and not
manufactured. A major previous problem revolved around smearing when
there was too much fluidity in a given scene.  Computer software
advancements have made that problem a moot issue now. 
A featurette, “COLORIZING THE CLASSICS” has been included with 16:9
enhancement, and no matter what the viewer’s feelings towards the
process, it’s an interesting look at the process and well worth
COLUMBIA TRISTAR has given the viewer a significant option with
“ChromaChoice”. This option allows the viewer to toggle instantly
between the black and white or colorized version. Another important
factor to be weighed is finding out from the featurette that SONY will
be restoring some black and white films badly in need of it, and that
any film receiving the “colorization” process will also be available
in black and white!

The mono sound is fine, and the image is better than any of the previous versions of these shorts.