Allied 4K (Blu-ray)
SRP $26.99 2.40:1 DTS-HD MA 5.1 PARAMOUNT

Bob Zemeckis's work has certainly been over-rated at times(Forrest Gump) but "ALLIED" is destined to be a true "classic!"

From the opening sequence wherein Brad Pitt as a French-Canadian spy comes into frame while parachuting into the desert and throughout the film to it's powerful conclusion, "ALLIED" feels like a masterpiece. Zemeckis utilizes all his craftsmanship here, but it's the culmination of the writing, cinematography, incredible casting, and more that make "ALLIED" unforgettable. While the pacing is intentionally altered at times, it never feels sloggish like "THE ENGLISH PATIENT," while maintaining a much more powerful love story than that over-rated snooze-fest.

Sure, less mature high-schoolers wanting non-stop violence will be disappointed, but for discerning viewers, "ALLIED" offers a mature, classy, engaging experience well worth repeating.

PARAMOUNT has provided the blu-ray and a digital code(ports in Full UHD to VUDU) along with this 4K release.

The original source material was shot in 4K or higher and released in 4K, so this is an all-too-rare 4K release that truly benefits from not having to be up-converted from a 2K DI!

While the blu-ray offers solid colors and detail, it pales in comparison to the stunning depth offered in the opening sequence! Virtually every scene is more defined! Sand dunes are more impressive with the granular detail offered. Clothes and the detail found in actors' faces have seldom been this stunning!

The HDR enhancement allows for notably superior color quality in scene-to-scene comparison with blu-ray. This is easily one of the best 4K presentations available! GRAB IT!!!

The same DTS-HD MA 5.1 mix is found on blu-ray and the 4K. It's often immersive, always well balanced and dialogue is free of distortion. The mix varies between highly immersive moments and quiet moments. There are nuanced effects that certainly impress, but it's when the bass kicks in that this mix impresses the most.  A very good, but not stunning soundmix.