Blade Runner 4K (Blu-ray)
SRP $41.99 2.40:1 Dolby Atmos WARNER BROS

WOW! If there was ever an example needed to demonstrate the potential of 4K, this newly released presentation of "BLADE RUNNER THE FINAL CUT" is it! The Final Cut is comprised of material from many sources, including a high-def scan from the original negative. The advancement of special effects/CGI technology was also used to update some areas of the original film. All of this was put together to assemble the 4K DI used for the '07 blu-ray presentation.

However, that blu-ray is now 10 years old! And, while blu-ray was certainly a major improvement over dvd, the fact that the '07 release was marginalized due to a VC-1 presentation was apparent back then in comparison to better looking releases and even more-so today when looking at what's been achieved with the 4K presentation.

From the amazing opening sequence, wherein the views of a futuristic LA is surveyed, detail has found major improvement in comparison the the standard blu-ray. The detail is just exquisite in every frame! HDR has given the Tyrell Corp more of a menacing prominence with the building in the opening shot and interior details offering more layers to be astounded with.

Compared to the dated Blu-ray, Blade Runner's UHD presentation can't help but look better, but it's more than better—it's astonishing. The improvements begin with the opening logos, where the pixelated tree representing the Ladd Company unfurls across and down the screen without a hint of the flicker and aliasing that have been there on every prior version, including the 2007 Final Cut Blu-ray. The opening aerial views of 2019 Los Angeles have always been impressive, but prepare to gasp when the Tyrell Building comes into view, with each window, level and outcropping now sharply and crisply resolved. (The Blu-ray is blurry by comparison.) Throughout the film, the UHD's resolution reveals so much detail in the remarkable model work that it almost breaks the illusion of scale. If the cityscape were any clearer, you'd see that it was made of miniatures. Whether it's the rain or details of stitching on costumes, everything looks discernibly superior to most other standard blu-ray and 4K presentations available thus far! Regardless as to how any film lover felt about the film itself, this is a release any 4K owner should have in their collection for demonstration quality, at least!

WARNER BROS has also gone the extra mile to offer fans the best all around presentation possible with this release. The previous blu-ray release offered Dolby TrueHD and this release offers a new Dolby Atmos mix! Sure, the surround channels have benefited from this upgrade but everything else has as well. The most subtle effects are delineated in a manner that's hard to describe in any way other than astounding! The Vangelis score and dialogue are balanced in a way that truly compliments its impact on the overall experience. This is a flawless presentation!