Creed (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray)
SRP $29.99 2.40:1 DTS-HD MA 7.1 WARNER BROS

While some of the sequels to the original "ROCKY" were entertaining, none were nearly as inspiring as the first. "CREED," is the first of the sequels to achieve the simplicity and "awe" factor of the 1976 original!

Donnie Johson is the son of Apollo Creed. Upon finding out Donnie is the son from an affair Apollo had, his wife chooses to adopt and raise Donnie. Weighed down with trying to prove he wasn't an "accident" and is worthy of his father, Donnie has the non-stop need to fight. Fighting the odds, Donnie seeks the help of his dad's former rival, Rocky Balboa.

There are so many things about "CREED" that make it a truly brilliant and moving film. The fact that this film actually works as magnificently as it does, is nothing short of mind-boggling. But, everything about it, from its grittiness to Stallone getting a come-back chance of his own and more make "CREED" a film that should be sought out and part of any serious film lover's collection!

CREED was originally 2K. While some may feel the increase in film grain from it being upconverted to 4k, is a flaw, it actually only serves to benefit the film's gritty look. While the regular blu-ray looked great and had a grainy sheen to it, the increased grain level of this 4k upconversion only makes it more pleasing for its filmic quality. Colors are much more vibrant here compared to the previously available bluray counterpart. The level of detail is also superior to the regular bluray, as is particularly evident when examining the background props of gym scenes and the stitches on boxing gloves. When viewing the bluray with the 4K, darker scenes, while generally impressive on regular bluray, stood out with far better detail and resolution in 4K. In 4K, nothing ever gets lost to shadow and that's often a challenging accomplishment for even the best bluray. The 4K handles and retains shadow flawlessly!

WARNER BROS has also included numerous foreign track editions of the film in 5.1 as well as subtitles in 19 languages!

While the original "ROCKY" was magnificent in mono, the up-to-date wizardry of the DTS-HD MA 7.1 mix provided here is a welcome accomplishment.

The sounds, whether emanating from a bombastic punch or a subtle change in boxing stance and the resulting noise of feet movement on the mat, the stunning fidelity of the hip-hop tracks or score, all culminate in a stellar presentation! This mix doesn't just simply exceed expectations, it blows them out of the arena! In fact the LFE channel handles the bass with music and effects in a manner that may require the volume to be turned down in a few instances, so as to not annoy the neighbors. A MAGNIFICENT 7.1 mix!

While there are no extras provided on the actual 4k UltraHD version, the blu-ray included within the same case, offers nearly 20 minutes of deleted scenes and 2 featurettes.