Eddie the Eagle 4K (Blu-ray)
SRP $39.99 2.39:1 Dolby Atmos FOX

Sport-Inspiration films have been around a long time. Some worked against great odds,(Everybody's All American).Some were quite good(Hoosiers) and some were great(McFarland USA). "Eddie the Eagle" bares a closer feel to "Rudy," wherein the true story of a pint-sized guy with aspirations to play for Notre Dame is told.

Taron Egerton gives a great performance as the real-life Eddie Edwards, a less than average-height 22 yr old aspiring to represent Great Britain in the olympics as a downhill skier. His attempt at that doesn't work, but he doesn't give up, opting to represent Great Britain as a ski jumper, instead. The fact that GB doesn't already have a ski jump team works in Eddie's favor, but he requires great tutelage and finds it in a former ski jumper, Bronson Peary(Hugh Jackman) as a coach.

There's not a lot of surprises in the film's narrative, but there are surprises in the actors. Egerton is really magnificent, entirely losing himself in character. And, to Jackman's credit, he's more restrained here than one would've expected, giving his time on-screen that much more interest. Sure, we've been down this road before in sports-theme films, but "EDDIE THE EAGLE" entertains throughout the journey and leaves the viewer feeling good, an all too uncommon sensation these days.

FOX has provided the film as a 4kUltraHD BluRay release. Upconverted from a 2K source, many of the scenes don't benefit too greatly over the stellar regular blu-ray(also included), however there are enough scenes wherein the detail and film-like environment are superior with resolution and contrast over bluray to make this an easy "recommend" to own! Comparing bluray to the 4kUltraH, especially in close-ups, the detail of facial pores are notably improved upon. Stitching in outfits stands out to an incredible degree of clarity in 4K too. Colors are impressively deeper. The blu-ray looks great but the 4k looks astonishing!

FOX has provided a Dolby Atmos for this release. While there's not a huge difference between the Atmos mix and the DTS mix of the regular blu-ray, during the majority of scenes, there are some major exceptions. When Eddie is performing his jumps the nuanced effects are startling in the Amos mix. The effects of him flying through air are complimented with the above speakers in a way regular surround mixes can't compete with. Does the mix of a regular bluray suffice? Sure. But, for those seeking the added excitement of what effects from above can achieve, this is a terrific mix!