Ghost in the Shell 4K (Blu-ray)
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SRP $37.99 1.78:1 Dolby Atmos PARAMOUNT

PARAMOUNT has finally released the long-anticipated live-action version of the anime-cult favorite, "GHOST IN THE SHELL." While Scarlett Johansson was widely criticized for taking on the role of an Asian advanced robot integrated with a human mind, that's the least of the film's problems. "BLADE RUNNER" has made the bar so high for any film trying to depict a Dystopian-environment, but that's what Director Rupert Sanders is sorely focused upon, when he should've been more concerned with the script. While there are some surprisingly poignant moments, most of the film is just too cold and sadly predictable. Fans of the original anime series will rightly disappointed. Other viewers with little knowledge of the anime will just feel, at best, mildly amused.

PARAMOUNT has released the film on blu-ray and as separate releases on 4K and Blu-ray 3D.

The 1.78:1 aspect ratio compliments the original 1.85:1 theatrical presentation. Up-converted from a 2K source, HDR offers a distinguishable improvement in both detail and color range. The noir-ish futuristic setting and neon lights still hold up well on the standard blu-ray, however this 4K presentation allows for nuanced colors to impress. The contrast is still a bit underwhelming on 4K and blu-ray, however the 4K is notably superior even in this area.

Paramount has provided a Dolby Atmos mix. While the Dolby TrueHD 7.1 mix is excellent, the Atmos mix offers discernibly more fluidity to the action sequences. Bass is also presented with more finesse in the Atmos mix, with details during frequent explosions and glass breaking all the more impressive!

This mix really makes the case for what Atmos can due to improve upon an already impressive mix.

Along with the 4K disc, a standard blu-ray is offered as well as a UHD disc code redeeming on VUDU in full UHD.

The blu-ray offers three worthwhile featurettes, one of which, Hard-Wired Humanity: Making Ghost in the Shell, runs over 30 minutes!