Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows  Part 2 (4K Ultra HD)
SRP $44.95 2.40:1 DTS:X WARNER BROS

WARNER BROS. has released "HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS-PART 2" on 4K.  Harry, Hermione and Ron return to Hogwarts just as Voldemort's army attacks the school. A show-down with horrifying secrets is going to occur! As impressive as the main cast has been, especially in the previous film, the supporting cast is impressive as well, helping ground some of the film's bigger moments and making the inevitable sacrifices of certain characters all the more heart-breaking. This film achieves a lot of high goals, and ends the series with the finesse it deserves!

This 4K presentation was up-converted from the 2K DI. While the image offers more grain than the other 4K films released thus far, it also has even more detail than the others. Whether it's the facial pores, buildings or or stitching of costumes being focused upon, the detail is exquisite and discernibly so when compared to the previous blu-rays. While colors are intentionally restrained due to Director David Yates' dark intent for the film, the HDR allows for subtle variances in color to stand out in an impressive manner. For some reason, digital effects tend to appear overly-processed in various scenes due to the contrast settings. (Our equipment has been expert-verified before and after viewing this title) But, even with this drawback, the merits of this 4K presentation are notably better than the blu-ray version(offered within this release) to highly recommend this as an addition to every Potter fan!

WARNER BROS has improved upon the already impressive 5.1 mix found on the blu-ray with the DTS:X mix offered here. Sure, the opening attack by Valdemort's army on Hogwarts and numerous battle scenes are greatly improved upon with an incredible immersive environment, but it's the more subtle effects that really showcase what this well-crafted 7.1 mix can do to enrich a film's impact. This is an outstanding, demonstration-quality release!

Along with the 4K disc, the blu-rays from the Ultimate Edition (with supplementary material) is provided. A Digital code is also offered, but at this moment, VUDU is not offering a UHD presentation. It's this reviewer's opinion that one should hold off processing the code until a UHD presentation is offered for porting.