Jack Reacher: Never Go Back 4K (Blu-ray)
SRP $49.99 2.39:1 Dolby Atmos PARAMOUNT

While the initial "JACK REACHER" film bordered on pure silliness at times, it was never boring. The same can't be said of the newly released sequel, "JACK REACHER NEVER GO BACK."  Its title is an apt warning for the filmmakers.

When a military friend of Jack, Major Susan Turner, is arrested for the deaths of two soldiers Afghanistan, he knows something nefarious is afoot and does what he does best, ....takes action! Nah, not really. In"JACK REACHER NEVER GO BACK," Jack investigates, but as we follow him encountering various higher-ups in the military, breaking bones and just breaking things, the stale script reminds us that there were plenty of "Matlock" episodes with more surprises than anything offered herein. Sure, the action scenes are often fun, but after a few of them, they feel like filler between overly dull passages of exposition for a tired yarn. Throw in the overly sentimental young girl who he and we find he may have fathered and eye rolling becomes the only thing to keep the viewer awake.

For those who may have actually enjoyed the film in theaters, this newly released 4K UltraHD Blu-Ray release should be extremely pleasing! While the standard blu-ray(included along with the 4K) is excellent, boasting outstanding detail and vibrant colors, this 4K released(up-converted from a 2K DI)offers all the benefits of HDR. Detail is often a notable step-up in shot-to-shot comparisons with clothing, facial characteristics and more getting a much more natural treatment over what's presented in the blu-ray. Grain is more consistently layered for a film-like environment. While detail on the blu-ray looks great, it's so much more impressive in 4K! A great looking 4K presentation throughout!

The Dolby Atmos mix offered is a rousing experience when compared to the standard 5.1 mix also included. Overhead effects aren't consistently apparent but when they're utilized, the experience is notably more immersive than in the standard mix. Ambient and "showy" effects make the Atmos set-up more than worth-while for what's offered!

Dialogue and sound effects are well balanced from start-to-finish.

A variety of featurettes(1080p) are included on the blu-ray. Some(Take Your Revenge First:Lethal Combat) are much better than others.

Unfortunately, although this is supposed to be the "first" PARAMOUNT title wherein the included digital code ports to VUDU in full UHD, we were only able to convert it to HDX on VUDU. Even after numerous hours of phone conversations and emails, VUDU customer service insisted the code was only for HD, even though their site offers the UHD for an additional $29.95. Extremely disappointing and worrisome with relation to the next 4K titles(Arrival and Allied) and whether they will redeem in full UHD or not!