Jason Bourne 4K (Blu-ray)
SRP $26.99 2.39:1 DTS:X UNIVERSAL

The long anticipated latest entry into the Bourne series, "Jason Bourne," is now available in 4K from UNIVERSAL! Matt Damon returns as Jason, and helmed by Paul Greengrass. Greengrass directed the best film of the "Bourne" series, "The Bourne Ultimatum," as well as another Bourne film. Greengrass also directed one of the greatest films of all time, "UNITED 93."

What made "THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM" such a great film was the fact that literally from the first 60 seconds of the film through its final seconds, the pacing was unrelenting. Everything about that film caused heart-thumping. The camera-work, often moving, wasn't headache inducing or confusing. Its movement felt fresh and invigorating to behold. The script felt fluid but natural and nothing about the film felt forced. "THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM" is the antithesis of "JASON BOURNE." Sure, there are some dazzling moments, almost all previously glimpsed within the heavily marketed theatrical trailer. But, it's a saddening struggle to think of anything within "JASON BOURNE" that is or even remotely feels fresh. 

The first 40 minutes or so moves at a generally fun, brisk pace. But, soon enough, the chase scenes all feel redundant and predictable. The plot? Well, there's nothing unpredictable here. It seems that Greengrass was paying homage to the great political films of the '70s he must genuinely love, but without adding anything new to them when he co-wrote this script.  The political climate taking place within the various International locations depicted here should've been easy to build upon with resonating commentary. Instead, any potential is wasted, acting as fodder within redundant action scene following another.

UNIVERSAL has made this film available on 4K. Utilizing a 4K final source, this release offers discernible improvement over the already great looking standard blu-ray. (Also included as part of the 4K release) Grain is more noticeable on the 4K release, but it gives more of an intended "film-like" quality akin to a '70s thriller, and is welcome! Detail is exquisite on the blu-ray, but the 4K lends to much more definition to skin and facial characteristics, especially in close-up shots. Colors are more natural appearing on 4k, even though they're deeper on the blu-ray. The HDR of this 4K offers a wider breadth of the color spectrum and allows the darker scenes to play out with better detail. Both formats are wonderful but the 4K is easily more pleasing to take in!

UNIVERSAL always demonstrated a preference for "DTS" on blu-ray and both the 4K and blu-ray offer a DTS:X soundmix. A great amount of detail has been given to this mix, immersing the audience with the film's kinetic energy from start-to-finish. While the motorcycle chase demonstrates what a mix like this can do to place the listener smack-dab in the middle of everything, een the more subtle ambient effects are amazing to listen to. Action elements, a fine score, dialogue and layers of effects are all splendidly balanced, without any distortion. A demonstration-quality mix!

Along with the 4K, blu-ray and a UHD Code for Vudu, a variety of 1080p featuettes are included. The best of them, "Las Vegas Showdown" is a two-parter, examining the production relating to the Vegas sequence.