Me Before You (Blu-ray)
SRP $29.98 2.40:1 DTS-HD MA 5.1 WARNER BROS

"ME BEFORE YOU" is one of the rare "young adult" books that's likely to win over even the most discerning adult viewers through its surprising and abundant charm in scene after scene. From the opening scene wherein the main male character, apparently living the perfect life, becomes a quadriplegic following an accident, Director Thea Sharrock makes it clear that this is going to be something that's pleasing on the surface, but not without depth. Emilia Clarke plays "Lou," the sweet, attractive girl any guy would love to date with a smile and upbeat attitude that won't be defeated. She loses her job early on through no fault of her own, but finds relief upon interviewing for and being hired as a care-taker(of sorts) and company for Will Traynor(played extremely well by Sam Claflin), the quadriplegic, who's thankfully blessed with loving, supportive and rich parents.

After a rough start and questionable chemistry between Lou and Will, it's obvious they're going to grow fond of each-other and a love story is to come. But, it's a credit to Sharrock's confident, disciplined yet artistic direction along with well conceived arcs within the script(adapted by the novel's author)Jojo Moyes, and the perfectly cast actors, "ME BEFORE YOU" never feels like it's patronizing or stooping to a contrived ending.

"ME BEFORE YOU" is the kind of film that girls may drag a boyfriend to but that will ultimately win him over in the end. A refreshing surprise!

WARNER BROS has provided the correct 2.40:1 aspect ratio for this MPEG-4 AVC encoded 1080p blu-ray. Colors are typically astounding with vibrancy.Whether the setting is a cramped dinner table at Lou's family gathering or the exotic, thunder-filled nighttime of Mallorca, the colors and exquisite detail have been carried over from the digital source material, flawlessly! "ME BEFORE YOU" has a great production design complimenting characters and their surroundings, as is evident from Lou's unusual flair for "fun" outfits. This transfer is often stunning and really allows for one to appreciate how much a difference a "great" transfer can do for a fine film over just a "standard" quality transfer. That said, "ME BEFORE YOU" could likely impress even more if released on 4K UltraHD. Warner Bros, are you listening?

WARNER BROS has provided a DTS-HD MA 5.1 mix. With the majority of the film being dialogue-driven, there's an appropriate focus of center channel dialogue and ambient effects with side speakers. Still, discrete and surrounds become active in key moments and the beautiful score is well complimented with all speakers for the perfect level of emphasis in any given scene. Dialogue is always perfectly discernible, regardless of music or layered effects.

WARNER BROS has provided a UV code along with this blu-ray. Additionally there is a short featurette regarding the adaptation from novel to screen, deleted scenes, outtakes and trailers for 2 other WARNER BROS releases.