Point Break 4K (Blu-ray)
SRP $29.99 2.40:1 DTS-HD MA 7.1 WARNER BROS

WARNER BROS released the "remake" of "POINT BREAK" for Christmas, 2015. It's curious because one would think the studio had high hopes for it to compete against the latest "STAR WARS", "THE REVENANT" and others at the box-office.

The original "POINT BREAK" was silly in many ways, but the direction was tight and the script engaging enough to allow viewers to overlook flaws and just enjoy the ride. And, it was a fun ride!

The new "POINT BREAK" lacks all of the energy of the original, in spite of it being mostly a bunch of extreme sport-style scenes threaded together with a mediocre script.

What's most noticeable about this 4K UHD is its big difference in color and hue from its counterpart blu-ray(also included in package). Whereas the regular bluray offers over-the-top unnatural hues, akin to the look of a poor man's Tony Scott film, the 4K UHD is much more friendly and natural(at times)looking. The contrast is also a major improvement in 4K, providing an image with the kind of great depth for action scenes, fans will appreciate over the limitations of the general blu-ray.

While there is still intentional over-saturation in specific scenes, but for the most part, scene-for-scene, the 4K UHD(up-converted from a 2K DI) is a major improvement over the blu-ray.

The same DTS-HD MA 7.1 mix is offered on regular blu-ray and this 4K UHD. Although it's lacking the Atmos track originally expected, the mix offered is astounding! From beginning to end, all speakers are engaged with a creative, precision-oriented style that other action films should seek to emulate. Sure, there are impressive nuanced effects, but it's the loud, high-impact effects that will have audiences holding their head back at times! Add to this mix a rousing score and some great song selections, amped up and balanced with the effects and dialogue in a manner wherein important dialogue(?) is never lost, and "POINT BREAK 4K" is actually one of the most fun listening experiences of 2016!

WARNER BROS has included a variety of short promotional featurettes and deleted scenes.

While the film itself isn't recommended, any fans will find this 4K is worth the extra dollars for the discernible improvement over the blu-ray.