SRP $16.99 1.85:1 Dolby TrueHD 5.1 PARAMOUNT

Travolta's performance as Tony Manero holds up well over these so many years since its original 1977 theatrical release. Marking the 40th Anniversary, PARAMOUNT has released the newly remastered Director's Cut along with the theatrical version in the same package. Saturday  Night Fever was a hit when released but its also built many more fans over the decades. While John Badham's direction doesn't typically leave a distinct impression from other directors' work, "SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER" is the exception. There's a delicate balance between moments built to appeal for a commercial audience and those that are more personal in nature, feeling close to an indie-film at times.

Travolta's great, but the entire cast is as well, especially those in the minor parts. The casting for the film and the grittiness actually feel as authentic as a Scorsese film. And that music. While not a fan of some of the disco selections used, these were all hits at the time. The truly great music, however, is from the Bee Gees, and this newly designed Dolby mix is discernibly cleaner than the 5.1 mix found on the original theatrical blu-ray. While limited in depth by the source material, there are some creative surround moments and dialogue has perfect clarity. Still, it's the music wherein the potential for this new mix is realized. It's fantastic and perfectly balanced with dialogue throughout.

The same 1.85:1 aspect ratio is intact. In scene to scene comparison with the theatrical version, colors are more vivid and detail is slightly improved. This is immediately apparent in the opening credit scene. Compare the film's log with the theatrical release and there's definite improvement in the director's cut. As far as differences in the content of the director's cut...Honestly, even with 4 minutes more footage the added material wasn't obvious. There are minor nuances to the narrative but there's nothing that makes the director's cut stand out as an improvement over the original, (other than the improvements in color and sound!)

PARAMOUNT has added some features for this release, including a very entertaining audio commentary with Badham(well worth a listen) deleted scenes and plenty of featurettes(all of them were fun)

Unfortunately, for some reason, PARAMOUNT didn't provide a UV code for the director's cut, even though it's available on VUDU.