Star Trek XI [Blu-ray]
$47.99 2.40:1 Dolby Atmos PARAMOuNT

Plenty of Star Trek fans wondered if Director JJ Abrams could succeed in pulling off a reboot of "STAR TREK," and it was clear within the first few gripping moments he had exceeded expectations by far. The self-sacrifice of Kirk's father, the "goodwill" aspect of the series and more were all self-evident and set up the manner in which other characters and conflicts would be handled, in a way paying homage to the original series, but still offering a fresh take on Star Trek Lore at the same time.

PARAMOUNT has jumped into the UltraHD fray with their release of "STAR TREK" and "STAR TREK: INTO THE DARKNESS." While the previously available blu-ray was excellent, this up-converted 4k release offers a 10/10 image! While there's appreciably more grain, it's not intrusive and serves to maintain the film-like quality expected. Colors are richer than on the blu-ray, and the blacks are far deeper, but it's in the level of detail offered that this release is most notably better! Whether it's the incredible costumes or skin pores of a character's face, the level of detail is improved upon enough that it's easy to recommend fans of the film upgrade to this 4K release. From early on and throughout, the color and level of detail is nothing short of amazing. This is the case in darker scenes and brighter ones as in the final dual near the end. Contrast is flawless, offering exquisite detail regardless of how dark the scene. This is really a flawless looking image!

PARAMOUNT has provided a Dolby Atmos/Dolby TrueHD 7.1 mix. While the surrounds are just as immersive and impressive as with the previous blu-ray, the offering of overhead surround is new but also surprisingly restrained. When it's utilized, it certainly adds a level of excitement that makes one crave more, yet only to feel disappointed with the minimal amount with which these new channels are actually active. There's plenty of action along with the discrete and panning effects of photon torpedoes being fired, and more nuanced moments too. But, overall, while the soundstage is opened up over the regular blu-ray, and this mix is better, it's not as much of an improvement in sound as the image quality achieves. The same audio commentary from the previous blu-ray is offered as the only extra on the 4k disc.

The previously available blu-ray is also included along with a digital code. Unfortunately, the code doesn't work with VUDU in providing an actual UHD option as has been made available with Warner Bros on that site.