It (Blu-ray)
SRP $14.97 1.33:1 DTS-HD MA 2.0 WARNER BROS

As with any adaptation, there's an understanding no film will likely capture the full depth of material as the original novel. If lucky, it will capture the general "feel" of it. The mini-series adaptation "Stephen King's It" does a fairly impressive job as "made for tv" mini-series could possibly do. The networks of 1990 had not yet made the huge leap of unbridled adult drama, let alone horror, that would begin to surface with such shows as "NYPD BLUE," et al. There has been a fair amount of material from the source novel completely omitted due to the controversial nature(mostly sex) within it. So, fans of the novel may eventually find more satisfaction with the fact that the novel is still in talks for a more faithful adaptation in the next few years. Until then, "STEPHEN KING'S IT," the mini-series, just released on blu-ray will suffice.

26 years after its original debut, it still packs a pretty good whallop and makes for recommended Halloween viewing for the whole family(12 and up). It keeps with a popular formula of King,...adults haunted by something from their past, revisiting these characters as kids, and the adults having to stretch far beyond their comfort zone to save themselves and many more. There's also a heroic sacrifice that some may find obvious early on.

What's brilliant about the story is the way in which King weaves together sci-fi, horror, and nostalgia in a disarming, thrilling way. The cast is impressive, including Annette O'Toole, Dennis Christopher, Harry Anderson, John Ritter and more. They're all great, and give the material a seriousness it needs to have for the intended impact.

Even for those with no fear of clowns, be forewarned, "STEPHEN KING'S IT" will likely change that forever!

WARNER BROS has provided the original 1.33:1 aspect ratio for this MPEG-4 AVC encoded 1080p blu-ray. Colors are impressively vibrant throughout, especially for a tv show of this period. Reds, yellows and others are pushed to extremes at times, but there's never any over-saturation. Fleshtones appear natural and blacks, while not inky, are deep enough to prevent any detail loss in darker scenes. Detail varies in quality, generally impressive, but occasionally soft. It's a decent transfer.

WARNER BROS has provided a highly enjoyable DTS-HD MA stereo mix. For a series of the '90s, the mix is far more immersive than expected. Side channels capture the ambience of city life, opening up the presentation beyond the matted borders of its original aspect ratio. When the characters are playing, nuanced effects add greatly to broadening the drama and the music is well complimented. While there isn't any low bass, the fidelity is quite good. This is a fine audio mix.

The original audio commentary from the dvd, provides insight behind the production from the director and key cast members.