Storks 4K (Blu-ray)Storks 3D (Blu-ray)
SRP $44.94 2.39:1 DTS-HD MA 7.1 WARNER BROS

One of the better animated films of late, "STORKS" has been released by Warner Bros in the 4K format and also separately as a Blu-Ray 3D release.  A stork called Junior, is on his way to get a big promotion when an accident causes a baby girl to be produced. Aided by his human friend, Tulip, Junior is on a quest to deliver his first-time ever baby delivery before his boss learns of the fiasco at hand and save his job.

Andy Samberg is well cast as Junior and the rest of the cast is generally appealing. The animation is first-rate and there are enough witty jokes to entertain adults and children alike. At 87 minutes, the story unfolds at a nice pace, and is never dull. While not a gem like the best of Pixar, there's enough creativity and magic here to make "Storks" easy to re-visit several times over(as was the case over Christmas weekend with numerous family members of all ages)without any sense of boredom. 

The blu-ray 3D release offers plenty of "jump off the screen" type effects, and a generally creative utilization of the format. Detail is impressive, although the image is discernibly darker than the bright image found on the standard blu-ray release. Colors are vibrant on both, but more appealing and richer on the standard blu-ray as well. Contrast is also preferable on the standard blu-ray.

The 4K release has been up-converted from a 2K DI. HDR and the 4K conversion offer slightly more detail than is found on the 3D and standard blu-ray. The HDR helps with a discernible improvement in color range, consistently brighter and  more pleasing in virtually every screenshot comparison.  There have been several WB releases wherein HDR hasn't made much improvement over standard blu-ray but it certainly makes a huge difference with "STORKS" and it's easy to recommend the 4K release over the others due to this alone. Blacks are also much deeper on the 4K release. Whereas the image is just plain dark on the blu-ray 3D release, the 4K image and its superior presentation make the blacks, contrast and overall image a really aesthetically pleasing viewing experience in virtually every scene.

The DTS-HD MA 7.1 mix is filled with discrete and surround effects, making this a fully immersive, fun experience for audiences of all ages. Dialogue is perfectly balanced with a rousing score and while it would've been nice to have overhead channels with an Atmos mix, this one suffices.

Deleted scenes(with optional commentary) as well as a music video, a great animated short and more are provided in 1080p.