The Boss Baby 4K (Blu-ray)
$44.99 2.35:1 Dolby Atmos FOX

One of the best animated films in years, "THE BOSS BABY," has been released by FOX HOME ENTERTAINMENT in 4K! While I still strongly believe this film should've been released for "Christmas," instead of so early in the year, it found an audience and is likely to find an even bigger one now that it's available with such a great presentation.

Alec Baldwin is perfect as the voice of the "Boss Baby," the not entirely desired brother intruding (in many ways) on what was once the utopian single childhood of Tim. In this whimsical, clever script, Tim discovers his new brother is actually on a secret mission to protect babies from the marketed takeover of adorable puppies, a fun adventure for children and adult viewers ensues!

The blending of the "realistic" world vs the fantasy world is brilliantly handled here, evoking memories of the "Toy Story" films in spots. It doesn't ever actually borrow anything from those films, but the sheer joy of childhood and wit of those films continues in "THE BOSS BABY." It's funny, sweet, and good-natured throughout! I still think this release should be in every film lover's library for the winter holidays as any guests are sure to enjoy it!

FOX has retained the correct 2.35:1 aspect ratio for this 4K HEVC.H.265 presentation.  As terrific as the standard blu-ray(also provided with the 4K)is, the 4K offers better detail and sharpness in scene-to-scene comparisons. The HDR makes for more vibrant colors in virtually every scene. The difference between the 4K and standard blu-ray is impressive but still not as spectacular a difference in quality as some other flawless 4K releases(The Revenant,etc).

FOX has provided a Dolby Atmos mix and it does present a huge difference in quality over the DTS-HD 7.1 mix offered on the standard blu-ray. From beginning to end, the ATMOS mix is fuller and with more impressive bass. Nuanced effects are cleaner and the immersive experience of the Atmos mix makes it easy to recommend over the mix offered on the blu-ray. While this 4K doesn't stand out in a massive way, visually, over the blu-ray, the sound mix does so in a manner so readily discernible, it's worth paying a little more for the 4K in this case!

11 supplements are offered along with this release, including the trailer, a sneak peek at other releases, a gallery, music videos and much more(all in 1080p)