SRP $29.99 1.85:1(16:9) DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 BUENA VISTA

Director Robert Rodriguez is one of those talented filmmakers, capable of creating rare, engaging films, punctuated with moments of beauty(SPY KIDS)but also movies lacking any type of redemptive qualities as well, ("SHARKBOY AND LAVAGIRL").

While it's admirable(maybe)to hear Rodriquez state he made "SHARKBOY And LAVAGIRL" based on his own children's ideas and stories, it's less than admirable for a studio to allocate the money and freedom for him to do so. It's hard to imagine any child at any age not becoming fully bored with this mess. While the 3-D works reasonably well, it still wears out its place soon.  Nearly 90 minutes of it causes a major headache! Viewers may very well find it troubling to have to readjust color settings for the 3-D version, and that's pretty much a must.

BUENA VISTA has provided options for both 3-D and 2-D.  Both offer great color and detail.

BUENA VISTA has provided a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix. It's not an aggressive mix, with few surround effects. The front soundstage provides an array of separation and music effects. 

BUENA VISTA has provided some extras. An audio commentary with Rodriguez is energetic, but without any real benefit, other than to hear him talk about what's pretty obvious. 

A short featurette, "CREATING SHARKBOY AND LAVAGIRL WITH RACER MAX" provides the most insight into how this film really came about and it's hard not to be annoyed that such mediocre ideas were easily transformed into film.