Adventures Of Young Indiana Jones - Volume 1 DVD Cover Art

George Lucas has always liked revisiting his successful characters at earlier years, and his approach at doing so with "INDIANA JONES" in "THE ADVENTURES OF YOUNG INDIANA JONES: VOLUME 1" offers more great episodes than not-so great ones, along with numerous extras!

Originally airing in 1992-1996, the series offered a unique blending of drama, action, and historical education, without throwing out all sense of reality aka "THE TIME TUNNEL."  They aired in one-hour episodes(with commercials)but Lucas has since opted to recut these episodes and make them into longer feature-length films. In the process, flashbacks have been removed, and the narrative structure is certainly less complicated. Unfortunately the scenes with the great actor, George Hall, as the older "Indy" have been removed, too. 

Youngsters and adults will enjoy the energy of the show as well as the educational value of its insertion of a wide range of historical figures with world impact. Freud, Jung, Puccini, Archduke Ferdinand, Thomas Edison, Pancho Villa, and more are all included within well conceived storylines, certain to leave younger viewers more interested to find out these characters were real figures and that they can learn more about them!

PARAMOUNT has provided the correct 1.33:1 aspect ratio for this release.  The image is generally impressive, offering consistently rich colors. Some minor compression appears infrequently, but never to a point of diminishing the complete quality. It's a consistently good looking transfer! Contrast is great, with deep blacks and grays. The biggest flaw lies in the resolution regarding effects. They don't look right here, offering a gimmicky style, that isn't related to technology, but to the transfer process itself.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 mix isn't as impressive as it should be. Sure, it's loud! It's even aggressive. But, there's little in the way of nuance and effects seem heavy-handed throughout.

Presented over 12 discs, and with 7 full-length features, there are numerous extras on each disc, including great documentaries(38 in all), typically running over 20 minutes each. There are interviews and much, much more! Even while purists will find fault with Lucas' manipulation of the original series, it's hard to argue with the entertainment quality offered here! Volume 2 is coming in December!!!