As with the previous volume, the 8 episodes offered in "THE ADVENTURES OF YOUNG INDIANA JONES: Vol. 2" have been edited from edited from the original tv series, chronologically altered, but arguably(some will agree)for the better.  It's too the filmmakers' credit that as entertaining as each episode is, there is also a fair amount of educational value offered within the 13 hours of supplements too! The storylines, taking viewers all over the world, in important historical situations(well, the "vampire" episode is arguably "just entertaining), will certainly interest younger viewers enough to make them want to find out more about the "actual" historical events.

Sean Patrick Flannery is terrific, and fans of Daniel Craig and the beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones will enjoy their appearances here as well.

PARAMOUNT has preserved the original 1.33:1 aspect ratio. Because it was originally shot on 16mm, this remastered transfer is even more impressive. Colors are rich, and while grain is present in many scenes, it doesn't diminish the overall stunning quality to the images. 

PARAMOUNT has provided a Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo mix. While not as impressive as the image, the environment is engaging at times, although limited in the surround atmosphere the action deserves. It's a shame that this hasn't been re-worked for 5.1! Dialogue, music and effects are well balanced throughout.

PARAMOUNT has presented as many terrific extras as did the previous volume, with many featurettes worth checking out.  Don't miss out on these!