Having been a huge fan of Oliver Stone since the beginning(SALVADOR, PLATOON, WALL STREET, JFK, U-TURN,ETC), it was "almost" possible to forgive him for the piece of crap known as "NATURAL BORN KILLERS," but upon viewing "ALEXANDER" in theaters this reviewer was considering conspiracy theories of his own. Perhaps the real Oliver Stone was killed after J.F.K. and an imposter with no talent of just insane had been assuming his identity? Far-fetched? Well, how could one explain "ALEXANDER?" A film bogged down by its own excessive weight with horrible performances, horrible writing, horrible pacing and,...somehow,...horrible music!!!

"ALEXANDER" as originally released was a complete disaster and excruciating to sit through. The film has been re-edited twice. Once for a "director's cut," and this time for the "Revisited" edition. For reasons hard to explain, viewing it on blu-ray was easier than sitting through it in a theater. Sure, the film still sucks overall, but it's easier to appreciate the few great scenes that exist in the film, when viewing this bloated monstrosity a little bit at a time.  Fans(whomever they may be)will enjoy this version, as it's even longer than the theatrical version, and more graphic.  The extra footage allows for one to appreciate some small development of characters like Ptolemy and others. But, as beautiful as Angelina Jolie is here, her performance should have been shortened! It's just that bad, and actually burdens some of the responsibility for the setting the atmosphere for the film to be laughed at.

WARNER BROS. has provided a 1080p/VC-1 transfer with the correct 2.35:1 aspect ratio.  This is a fantastic transfer!  This reviewer honestly doesn't think the theatrical presentation looking as good as it does here!  Colors are extremely vibrant. Fleshtones appear accurate throughout and the deep blacks and grays allow for incredible detail in darker moments. The transfer perfectly showcases an epic atmosphere, with stunning detail in every single scene. Scene after scene after scene presents images with 3 dimensional impact.   It's just a flawless image!!!

WARNER BROS. has provided a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix.  While we'd have preferred a PCM mix, the standard DD 5.1 is remarkable! Another "Demonstration quality" mix!  The dynamic range is often stunning, with deep bass and incredible highs. Ambient effects are increasingly notable and the surround and discrete effects often add a depth to the film, previously quite easy to overlook. The battle scenes have much more impact, with a really powerful sonic experience from beginning to end.

Featurettes and two great commentaries are included.