SRP $39.99 1.33:1 MONO UNIVERSAL

UNIVERSAL has released the entire first season of the hit series, "ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS".  All 39 episodes are here, including four(the best of the lot)directed by Hitchcock.  While some of the episodes are much better than others, there's a consistently "classy" feel to the overall season and it's hard not to be upset that today, with all the attention given to CGI effects and editing, most series don't offer anything that even comes close to the quality of virtually any episode of "ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS: SEASON ONE". 

While Hitch made some derogatory comments about actors in general, he had a great talent at recognizing talent!  John Forsythe, Charles Bronson, John Cassavetes and Peter Lawford are but a few of the great actors featured in this season. The writing is terrific as well, thanks to Roald Dahl, John Cheever and more. Dahl is responsible for one of them most well known(if overrated) episodes, "LAMB TO THE SLAUGHTER".  

UNIVERSAL has presented the series with the correct 1.33:1 aspect ratio.  All 39 episodes are presented over three discs(front and back) which, unfortunately, means problems.  The black and white cinematography looks terrific, with fine detail and perfect contrast. It's really sharp and UNIVERSAL needs to be commended on this aspect of the transfer.  While it looks sensational, it matters not if these dvds lock up, and that happened several times on the first disc alone!  Apparently, this isn't an isolated problem as others have mentioned similar problems with their sets on various sites.

UNIVERSAL has provided a decent mono mix. The quality is fine, with only minor background hiss. But, still, it matters not how grand the mix is, if it can't be enjoyed. These lock-up problems with the discs is unreasonable! Hopefully, UNIVERSAL will correct this problem immediately and re-issue this release.