Norman Lear's best comedy series, "ALL IN THE FAMILY," continues on dvd, with its entire 2nd season being released in one set.  The 2nd season is arguably the best.  Who can forget Sammy Davis Jr. visiting in "Sammy's Visit?"  The dialogue in this episode, with Sammy accurately pointing out Archie's ignorance, is brilliant and funny at the same time.

Another great episode of the 24 here, "THE INSURANCE IS CANCELLED," intelligently captured what the show did best, raising important social issues with humor.  Archie has to decide whether to fire a hard-working minority employee or a lazy white one, and in the end, we find Archie actually does have a hidden decency within him.

Of course, there are many other great episodes, although this reviewer could gladly do without any of the ones featuring Maude.  Fans of the show, and collectors of the previously released "first season," should certainly get this one.

COLUMBIA TRISTAR has improved on the image quality to this season over the previous one. It looks consistently more polished and free of any grain. The original 1.33:1 aspect ratio is intact.  It's a good transfer, but there are limits to its clarity due to the original source material.

COLUMBIA TRISTAR has remastered the series with "Stereo" sound.  While fidelity is limited in spots, it still sounds better than on any of its current cable airings.  Dialogue is always intelligible and free of distortion.