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"Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor"?  That line from John Belushi, is but one of so many, hilarious, side-splitting ones espoused from essentially every character in "ANIMAL HOUSE" throughout its duration, that help make it one of the funniest American films ever made. It is, by any definition, a "classic".  Although set in the '60s, the best of its college-oriented humor has never been matched, and it continues to bring out laughter from young and old, after numerous, repeated viewings even today!

UNIVERSAL has released this classic as a "combo format" hd-dvd, offering the hd-dvd version on one side and the standard dvd version on the opposite side of the same disc.

UNIVERSAL has preserved the 1.85:1 aspect ratio for both. The image is solid, although it definitely shows its age.  Dirt exists throughout the film, but it's never intrusive. The detail is impressive, although it never dazzles. The frequent grain found on the dvd, is minimal on this HD-DVD version. Contrast is fine, although darker scenes lack the black/gray definition found on superior hd-dvd releases.

UNIVERSAL has promoted this release as having a DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS 5.1 mix, however surrounds are never noticeable. Minor separation is noticeable during some of the musical interludes, but the fidelity is wanting on this mix. Thankfully, UNIVERSAL has included the mono mix as well, and it's actually more enjoyable.  It also goes to show that a great film is a "great" film, with or without state of the art digital surround effects.

All of the extras are found on the "DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION" dvd found on the opposite side.