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Just hearing that Antwone Fisher was responsible for the story of "ATL" made this reviewer excited about its potential.  What does "ATL" stand for?  Well, there's no big revelation, it's short for "Atlanta".  The main character, narrating the film, Rashad, describes a period coming up to his high school graduation. Being part of urban youth, Rashad's story has some compelling moments, but never achieves a moment of power or inspiration in the way the film and script for "ANTWONE FISHER" managed to acheive. 

The film's best thing is also its weakest, the music!  While the music adds some dramatic emphasis to scenes, it can't compensate for a predictable story.  The acting is impressive, and there are quite a number of moments where the directing style suggests there's greatness in the works. The director, Chris Robinson, is a former video director, and in short spurts "ATL" is impressive. However, rather unfortunately, greatness never comes.

WARNER BROS has presented an aspect ratio of 2.20:1, close to the film's original 2.35:1 ratio.  This WARNER BROS. release offers the hd-dvd version on one side and the standard DVD version on the other, making video comparisons easy.  Both offer a great picture with excellent contrast and vivid colors. However, the hd-dvd version offers even brighter colors and stunning detail. It's not as noticeable a difference as say a dvd to hd-dvd comparison of "PERFECT STORM", but the hd-dvd version is definitely an improvement. 

The HD-DVD version offers a DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS 5.1 mix, whereas the dvd offers just DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1.  Both offer great, extremely active bass, however the DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS offers better fidelity overall, with impressive surround involvement.

There are extras offered on both formats, however the DVD offers more.