SRP $39.98 2.35:1 DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 FOX

A great cast, talented director and often stunning cinematography help make "BATTLE OF BRITAIN" an entertaining war film. Unfortunately, it never rises to the greatness of the other war films being released simultaneously on blu-ray by FOX in time for Father's Day.  After a strong beginning, the film detailing the Nazi blitzkrieg and the necessity of the R.A.F. to refocus its immediate mission to defend their homeland from potential defeat. 

The battle sequences, of which there are many, are fantastic. The dramatic narrative is where the film fails, and with a running time of over two hours, this is a huge problem, wherein character development is shoddy at best. Laurence Olivier, Robert Shaw, and others do their best with the script, but even their abilities can't overcome mediocre dialogue.

FOX has provided the correct 2.35:1 aspect ratio for this 1080p/MPEG-2 transfer.  The image is generally impressive, and contrast is remarkable when compared the the recently released dvd. Color quality varies, at times looking vibrant, and in other scenes, appearing dull. There are still signs of wear and dirt, appearing sporadically. Artifacts pop up infrequently too. Still, the majority of the film looks outstanding when compared to its dvd counterpart, and the resolution, particularly during dogfights, is amazing!

FOX has provided a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix.  While we're pleased that FOX(as UNIVERSAL)continues to offer DTS-HD Master Audio, this film mix has extreme limitations in fidelity. Discrete effects are barely noticeable. Dialogue is adequate but limited in range. Music feels extremely compressed. Not one of the better FOX mixes.