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SRP $28.95 1.85:1 PCM 5.1 SONY

"THE BIG HIT" makes film lovers/BLU-RAY collectors ask "WHY?"  Out of the vast, incredible amount of SONY titles, they had to choose "THE BIG HIT?"  One wonders what made SONY film this to begin with, let alone offer different versions on dvd. They went so far as to include it as part of their prestigious "SUPERBIT" releases.

That said, Mark Wahlberg stars as one of four disgusting, unlikable, hitmen/thugs.  When the group decide to make extra cash by kidnapping their boss's goddaughter, things go awfully astray, leading to what's supposed to be a sidesplitting, yet violent action dramedy. It fails miserably at all objectives.  One of the more annoying sub-plots deals with Wahlberg's girlfriend's family coming to visit while all hell is breaking loose. Every cast member overacts, and Christina Applegate proves once again, she's just an awful actress. The fact that the dialogue is awful doesn't hide her lack of ability either.


SONY has provided the correct 1.85:1 aspect ratio. While this image is better than standard dvd, it generally has a flat look to it.  Detail is fine and sometimes even really impressive, but colors aren't as rich as one expects from 1080p and they're even dull in some instances.  The blacks and grays are just adequate. Not an impressive transfer.

SONY has provided another PCM 5.1 mix. But, for a film with so much action, the mix is pretty drab. There are a fair amount of directional/surround effects, but none of them add up to creating an engaging atmosphere. The dialogue isn't as well balanced as one should expect either.

SONY has included commentaries from the dvd release, but the deleted scenes aren't offered.