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SRP $28.95 2.35:1 PCM 5.1 SONY

To be fair, this reviewer is one of those few that absolutely "HATED" "THE FIFTH ELEMENT" in theaters, as well as on every dvd presentation forced upon him!  As much as fans praised the film's storyline, acting and effects, this reviewer equally despised these elements! To begin with, Chris Tucker was awful! What was his entire character about??? Why was he thrown into this film instead of out with the garbage?  What was the purpose of the entire opening prologue? Shouldn't it have "something" to do with the rest of the film?  There were so many problems with this film content-wise, that it's impossible to debate it with fans of the film. Still, the "BLU-RAY" presentation of the film is a huge disappointment.

While there's much debate about the potential improvement of the "BLU-RAY" format as dual layer becomes less troublesome during production, "THE FIFTH ELEMENT" represents the incredible visual quality potential of this format.  Especially when the competing "HD-DVD" format only offers a player with 720p resolution at this time, the readily available 1080p resolution of "BLU-RAY" should at least look better than dvd, and it doesn't! Not at all!

Every single scene lacks the kind of detail that the format requires. HIGH DEFINITION should never look this bland!!!

SONY has provided a PCM 5.1 mix and while we were initially disappointed that the DTS mix offered on the "SUPERBIT" dvd version of the film isn't offered here, the PCM mix actually improves upon it, offering even better clarity and range.  Fans of the film will not be tempted to run and buy a BLU-RAY player after seeing this presentation!!!