SRP $38.95 2.35:1 PCM 5.1 SONY

Any fans of "ULTRAVIOLET" will be annoyed that SONY is charging a premium price for the "BLU-RAY", yet isn't offering the "UNRATED" version available on dvd... Not that most people can endure the extra few minutes more included in that version, but it just doesn't seem right to fall short of giving fans at least what they'd get on dvd for less!!!

Director Kurt Wimmer disappoints fans of his superior "EQUILIBRIUM" film with the mess onscreen throughout "ULTRAVIOLET".  Milla Jovovich stars as a leader afflicted with a vampire-like disease, attempting to save the world, as well as those like her, from a cruel dictator. While it moves a long at a break-neck pace, the lack of a decent storyline still gets in the way of the action.  Worse, the abundance of CGI effects, is even more distracting.

This is an instance, where "less" would definitely have been more!!!

SONY has preserved the film's 2.35:1 aspect ratio.  The 1080p is decent, but not as spectacular as most of the other "BLU-RAY" offerings from SONY thus far.

Because of the resolution, the CGI effects actually appear to have that artificial look much more than it does on dvd.  There were some artifacts as well that weren't noticeable on  the dvd version.

SONY has included a PCM 5.1 mix.  It's terrific!  Far more involving than its dvd counterpart, the PCM mix is filled with non-stop, panning and discrete effects, making this title demonstration quality, at least for sound capability on "BLU-RAY".  One of the best soundmixes we've heard on dvd or "BLU-RAY!"

SONY has included an audio commentary and four-part featurette as extras.