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While "THE BOURNE SUPREMACY" isn't as good a film as its predecessor, Director Paul Greengrass has great style and brings real tension to many of the film's better moments.  Bourne is on the run again, after his girlfriend is killed at the film's beginning in a pretty impressive action sequence.  There are many more great action scenes to follow, but the "BOURNE" films differ from most action films in giving its main character a sense of conscience. Morality, even while skewed, plays an important element in "THE BOURNE SUPREMACY".  The weakest part of the film derives from its villains.  The bad guys are too obvious, and one senses their misdeeds before anyone else seems to.

Still, even while not as good as the first film, one leaves "THE BOURNE SUPREMACY" eagerly awaiting the third film in the series!

UNIVERSAL has provided an outstanding HD-DVD transfer!  While there's a tendency for a greenish tint in much of the film, this exactly replicates the theatrical presentation and whatever Director Greenglass was trying to achieve for the screen.  The contrast is impressive in every instance, and darker scenes offer flawless detail.  Another bonus with the HD-DVD format transfer is the elimination of the intrusive artifacts that appeared on the standard dvd.

UNIVERSAL has provided a DOLBY DIGITAL PLUS mix for this release. It's outstanding!!! This is an aggressive mix, offering non-stop directional and panning effects. While chase scenes are obvious demonstration quality moments, so are most of the film's other scenes. It's a flawless soundmix! Dialogue is always intelligible, even when encompassed within layers of music and sound effects.

The extras from the standard dvd have been carried over, with one more important one:  "PRESENTED BY TOSHIBA: BOURNE INSTANT ACCESS"!

This is a running video commentary that exists, when selected, in the lower right corner of the screen, and offers the best "making of" footage we've seen anywhere so far, most importantly synchronized with what's happening onscreen! It's a feature only available on HD-DVD and really demonstrates how much this format can offer!!!