SRP $38.99 1.33:1 MONO PARAMOUNT

Back to the vaults, andÖ.. ďTHE BRADY BUNCHĒ is here! Well, at least the first season. Sure, itís dated! How else would it have been ripe for parody with the two films made spoofing it from PARAMOUNT? But, itís also timeless. Thatís not to define it as a classic.  It isnít! Itís difficult to find even one instance in any of the 25 episodes offered here, thatís really laugh inducing.  But, it makes for clean fun for the whole family. Itís also nostalgic for those of us remembering how much we once couldnít wait to watch this show during its regular, original tv airing time! Younger viewers, 12 and less will most likely find humor where adults donít.

PARAMOUNT has provided the original 1.33:1 full-frame ratio for this release.  The image varies in quality from episode to episode and sometimes, scene to scene!  Colors are generally solid, however, grain is intrusive at times. This hasnít gotten any restoration effort.

PARAMOUNT has provided a monaural mix for this release. The fidelity is limited and thereís a little distortion in some scenes. Overall, itís more than adequate considering the showís age and on par with the fidelity offered on cable re-runs.

Creator Sherwood Schwartz, the Aaron Spelling of his day, offers commentary on the pilot episode.  Two other episodes offer commentary from three cast members. None are too insightful, but fans of the show will be pleased and Christopher Knight comes across as a really likeable guy.