Breezes Montego Bay

Vacationers seeking the “all-inclusive” experience of SuperClubs, have some options to choose from in Jamaica.  The Breezes Montego Bay has been offering extremely popular vacation packages for seven years now, and while their dining
options still don’t offer the sense of accomplishment offered at some of the finer “Five Star”  hotels,  they’re choice of cuisine is more elaborate and palatable.  Even more surprising, their desert selections are actually better than what can be found on most cruise ships!

While not intended for kids, its atmosphere is more family conducive than other
“resort” options in the area.  Unfortunately, the location of its beach, the
public “Doctor’s Cave” may be a bit too popular for those seeking that sense of
privacy and serenity found in some of those beautiful t.v. commercials.

  Beach at Breezes Montego Bay  

The bedrooms substitute an atmosphere of grandeur for one of simpler, more
relaxed conditions.  Consumers opting for “nice” surroundings over pricier
non-necessities, will be well pleased.  The options for bedrooms include ones either
overlooking the beach, or the garden.  The ocean view is breathtaking, but the
garden view, is still pleasing.  The interior room options vary from smaller
cabins to giant suites.

Considering the location, couples should be busy for most of the day taking in
the variety of sites and activities offered in the surrounding area.  There is a
large freshwater pool, and rooftop Jacuzzi option for those wary of the
breathtaking ocean.  A variety of water sports is certain to please those
seeking more adventure, and the fully equipped fitness center will meet the
demands of even the most exercise-conscious travelers.   Still, when the day has
finally come to an end, the romantically inclined may find the size of the cabin
rooms, a little too small, even though filled with a queen bed. 



 Deluxe Ocean View rooms

                                                          DELUXE OCEAN VIEW ROOM

are more comfortable, with either twins or king bed option.  Our favorite
selection, the one which we opt for every vacation(we’ve visited it three times
in the past 6 months) is the oceanfront suite. 

 But, the moderately priced deluxe "oceanfront rooms" still offer a sense of fine living, for those who can do without the added space that the suites offer.

Jimmy’s Buffet, the restaurant for the guest’s meals, offers relaxed dining, an incredible view, and adequate, though not necessarily “incredible” meals. Martinos, a candlelit rooftop restaurant, offers finer selections, more formal
atmosphere, but not at the expense of a wonderful view, still overlooking the pool and beach.

When just wanting to kick back "away" from the possibly "crowded" beach, we enjoyed the rooftop tub. Check out the incredible view!