ARTISAN has released “BRIDE OF THE RE-ANIMATOR”.  Herbert West, is somehow back, and so is Jeffrey Combs, the actor who originally played him. He’s terrific here as the mad scientist, still obsessed with finding a way to bring back the dead, albeit with fewer problems than before.  His partner, Dan, assists him in his ventures, and even though it’s not as funny or shocking as the original, there’s still plenty here to laugh at.  The special effects vary from campy to impressive, just like the film! 

ARTISAN  has presented a full-frame release, whereas it’s already been available before in widescreen?  The image is only average, at times looking no better than VHS!  One can’t help but be disappointed by the lack of care shown with this release.  Colors are inconsistent, and detail is seldom as sharp as on other ARTISAN releases.

ARTISAN has provided a Dolby Digital 2.0 mix.  While there are some surround moments, they’re limited. Separation is marred by improper tracks, causing reversal in sound direction in spots. Dialogue is distorted in a few scenes.