COLUMBIA TRISTAR has released one of the most powerful films of
recent memory, “BROKEN WINGS.” When the father of four dies, his
wife, Dafna, must contend with being the sole provider of the family,
as well as trying to keep them together.  One of the children, Maya,
bares the pain of being connected to her father’s death, and taking
on the responsibility to put aside her own hopes and dreams of being
a musician, in order to protect her younger siblings. 
When most popular films are buttressed with big special effects and
explosions, it’s refreshing to find a great film like “BROKEN WINGS”
in which its power is built around simple, everyday truths and
challenges.  Sometimes, just finding the power to make it to the next
day, can be heroic!  The direction, writing, and especially the
acting, make “BROKEN WINGS” a film that will not only win over many
viewers, but also make them want to spread the word about how good a
find it is.
COLUMBIA TRISTAR has preserved the film’s 1.85:1 aspect ratio, with
16:9 enhancement.  Colors appear somewhat muted in comparison to most
of the studio’s other colorful releases of late. However, it’s a
generally pleasing image, filled with detail.  Fleshtones are fine.
The original Hebrew Dolby Surround mix is presented. There are
virtually no surround moments. However, there are some minor
separation moments in the front. Dialogue is always intelligible and
free from distortion.
Several trailers are included.