High Resolution Blu-ray Cover art for Burn Notice (TV Series)
SRP $59.98 1.78:1 DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 FOX

FOX has released the 2nd(but not 1st, as of yet!)season of "BURN NOTICE."  Jeffrey Donovan, one of the bad cops from "THE CHANGELING" stars as Michael Westen, a spy whom has received a "Burn notice," from the CIA, and spends his time dealing with all sorts of bad guys, while trying to rebuild his name within the agency, from outside it.  Because he's been shunned by the agency, he needs help wherever he can find it, and luckily, a former IRA operative and former agent, assist him. Having no visible means of income, and having all of his assets taken, he and his two friends make a living, taking on various jobs from clients taken advantage of by all sorts of underworld figures, and these jobs comprise each episode of the series.  Michael isn't as tough as Mackie from the "SHIELD," and his adversaries, while vicious, come across with less palpable fear than in more serious dramas. But, that's the intentional charm of "BURN NOTICE." It blends "Miami Vice" visual flair, "MAGNUM PI" humor with current cop show story-lines for an action drama, with a sizeable amount of humor.  Narration can get a little tedious at times, but overall, "BURN NOTICE" makes for breezy entertainment, and makes one look forward to the next and first season's release on blu-ray.

FOX has provided the correct 1.78:1 aspect ratio for this 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 blu-ray release.  Grain is excessive at times, however, the colors are vibrant throughout. Detail can be amazing, but it varies from episode to episode, in quality.  There are also various artifacts popping up, sporadically in virtually every episode. There doesn't appear to have been much care given to this transfer. It's notably better than the dvd, but it should look much better than it does here.

FOX has provided a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix.  Although the action scenes allow all speakers to come to life, LFE effects and discrete effects are underused. Worse, dialogue is easily overshadowed by other effects in more than a few instances. For the most part, it's fine, but there's nothing special to recommend about it, and there are some annoying problems popping up on occasion.

Some extras have been provided. Three episodes offer optional commentary. These are hit-or-miss, with the best, "LESSER EVIL," allowing for some humorous asides, when Bruce Campbell discusses particular aspects of the season.

Deleted scenes are offered, but add nothing, and the gag reel doesn't really provide laughs.

"BOOM NOTICE," a smart satirical spoof of the series, is worth checking out. All of these are presented in standard resolution.