SRP $19.95 1.85:1(16:9) DOLBY SURROUND        COLUMBIA  TRISTAR

Clive Barker’s attempts at directing have all been mediocre at best.
Even most other director’s attempts at his material have met with
poor results. The only worthwhile adaptation was Bernard Rose’s film,
“CANDYMAN.”   Based on one of his stories found in one of his “BOOKS
OF BLOOD” series, it deals with urban legend in a unique and often
chilling way.

Virginia Madsen stars as graduate student working on urban legends
for his thesis.  She uncovers a unique urban legend while
interviewing people at a low income housing project known as Cabrini
Green. Amid the squalor and dark atmosphere, darkened even more by
lack of hope and a bright future, lurks the ominous presence of
“CANDYMAN”, a menacing figure that will come out if anyone dares
utter his name five times in a row, while looking in a mirror. When
Madsen puts this legend to the test, the “Candyman” is unleashed with
horrifying results.  

Bernard Rose’s tight direction, fast pacing, a moving Philip Glass
score, and more, all combine in creating a truly scary and original
horror film. 

Previously available on dvd, COLUMBIA TRISTAR has now released it
with its proper 1.85:1 aspect ratio and 16:9 enhancement.  Color
quality varies in quality. Sometimes, colors are dead on, but at
other times they’re dull and lack depth. Fleshtones appear natural.

surrounds aren’t extremely active, they do offer an effective
presence at times. Most sound effects are delegated towards the front
soundstage. There is good bass presence as well. Dialogue is always
intelligible and free from distortion.

A running commentary is compiled with excerpts from Barker, Rose,
producer Alan Poul and the leads.  It’s an entertaining commentary
filled with lots of tidbits.

A nearly half-hour featurette, “SWEETS TO THE SWEET” is offered,
filled with info, and worthwhile.

A shorter featurette, “CLIVER BARKER: RAISING HELL” is basically a
bio of Barker.