SRP $29.98 GENEON    
GENEON has released the 2nd volume of ďSPACE PIRATE CAPTAIN HERLOCKĒ.
 While the series is innovative, itís still a little sluggish in its
pacing by comparison to many other japanime titles out there.  
Captain Herlock and his pirates donít fear the evil Noo because their
lack of sensitivity and general emotion allows them to fight more
delibarately, hence better.  There is something compelling about
watching Herlock and his group committing and succeeding in taking on
a race of beings that have been able to destroy whole solar systems!
Herlock is not a man of man words, and while this characteristic may
come across as cool and tough, it can wear on the viewer over time.  
GENEON has provided a transfer thatís not on par with most of their
other releases.  Presented in 1.33:1, the image is adequate, but
there are a large number of artifacts and shimmering. Itís also a bit
too dark in many scenes. 
GENEON has presented two Dolby Digital 5.1 mixes. The Japanese mix is
fine, offering a great surround environment. Unfortunately, the
layers of effects overlap at times and surrounds come across louder
than dialogue in a few instances.  
Surprisingly, the English mix doesnít have this problem, making it
the preferred one to listen to.
GENEON has included several trailers.