WARNER BROS. has released the latest Scooby-Doo movie, "CHILL OUT, SCOOBY-DOO!" It's actually great to find Kasey Kasem is still voicing Shaggy here, and the supporting voices are pretty impressive as well.  Mindy Cohn is perfect as Velma, and that great character actor, Alfred Molina is on hand as well!  This time around the whole gang end up getting involved with the hunt for the Abominable Snowman after Shaggy and Scooby miss their flight and end up as kidnap victims en-route to the Himalayas.  There's a lot of fun throughout and it's perfect entertainment for younger audiences(under 11). At a quick running time, under 75 minutes, adults won't be bored either. 

WARNER BROS. has provided the correct 1.33:1 aspect ratio. Colors are solid and vibrant.  The animation is decent, although anyone expecting PIXAR-type animation, will be sadly disappointed.  Detail is good, although there's no depth to speak of.

WARNER BROS. has provided a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix. Surrounds are subdued, but there's a decent amount of front channel separation.

A deleted scene, music video and game are included.