SRP $19.98 GENEON    
GENEON has released “CHOBITS: CHATROOM: VOLUME 7”. It’s essentially a
“highlights” show, offering bits from earlier episodes tied together
to the scenario of characters writing to one another and reminiscing
about Chi and Hideki’s budding romance.  Hideki has found Chi
disposed of in garbage. Upon turning this android on, he finds
himself falling in love with her. This volume is comprised of three
episodes. While there are troubling aspects to the series and issues
raised concerning sexuality with robots, “CHOBITS” is entertaining,
even if the viewer feels uncomfortable at the same time! The show has
a steady sexual undercurrent and it’s provocative without ever
seeming ridiculous.
GENEON has presented a transfer that looks spectacular. Colors are
bold and dead on. The detail is impressive throughout.
GENEON has presented sound mixes in both Japanese and English. 
Surround use is virtually non-existent, however there is minor
separation for music and effects for the front soundstage. Dialogue
is always intelligible and free from distortion.