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Let’s start by stating, this reviewer “hates” Vin Diesel!  Given that, it stands to reason that there must have been some great things going on with “PITCH BLACK” to make it so entertaining, in spite of its lead!  This reviewer is also a fan of Thandie Newton, so knowledge of her appearance in the film definitely made it more alluring.  Unfortunately, the film’s bigger budget seems to have weighed director/writer David Twohy’s creation down under giant sets, elaborate effects, and an attempt at grandiose story-telling rather than the basic elements, that made its predecessor feel so unique and engaging.  Everything about this film feels bogged down. The attempt to “class” up the film with an appearance by Dame Judi Dench, feels like an utter waste. That being said, fans of Diesel, as well as “sci-fi” fans will certainly find much to like about “THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK”. It does its best to “carefully” borrow themes from other superior “sci-fi” films. There are plenty of action scenes as well.  In the end, this reviewer didn’t comprehend “what” had actually transpired as far as storyline goes, but remains certain that there are still many “RIDDICK” fans eager for yet another entry to come out. 

As far as “HD-DVD” goes, “THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK” is a perfect demonstration disc!  While the standard dvd offers a great image, the resolution offered on this “HD-DVD” stands out far and above what was previously there.  The entire film has an intentional dark tone, but the “HD-DVD” format allows for crystal detail in every single instance.  There’s not one darker moment, wherein one isn’t amazed by the definition!  Colors are magnificently rendered!

Again, UNIVERSAL has offered a “HD-DVD” with superior sound as well as image!

A Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 and DTS 5.1 mix are included!  It’s an aggressive mix, whichever one is selected! Bullets, ghostly cascades and more engulf the viewer in a virtual non-stop orgy of panning effects.  A real “DEMONSTRATION” disc!

All of the extras available on the previous standard dvd have been carried over.