One of the best new series of the past year, "CHUCK" is now available on blu-ray, courtesy of WARNER BROS.  This comedy/action show(emphasis on "comedy") revolves around "CHUCK," a formerly bright college student, now living with his sister and her boyfriend(both doctors)while making ends meet by working as a retail clerk at the local "BUY MORE" store. Most of Chuck's previous "bright-leaning" life went astray due to his roomate(actually a  CIA agent) choosing to download vast secrets from that agency and the NSA, and email it to Chuck! When the computer is destroyed, Chuck is the only source of the info, and he must now deal with agents from the Agency, as well as villains, all wanting to either maintain or unlock the priceless info.

Adding greatly to the series' charm, is the beautiful Agent, Sarah, charged with protecting the unwitting store clerk.  The 13 episodes making up this first season blend comedy and action, with a charm and finesse that's rare for television.  There are spots within a few episodes wherein it temporarily seems the show may be veering in a bad direction, but, things adjust quickly and each and every show ends up being entertaining, while producing laughs and smiles. "CHUCK" is a charming series, and one hopes for it to continue being as wonderful as the first season is.

WARNER BROS. has provided the correct 1.78:1 aspect ratio for this 1080p/VC-1 blu-ray.  Detail is extremely impressive, at times, looking superior to the 1080i television airings. However, this transfer is hindered by excessive noise, and it's more noticeable on blu-ray than on either the dvd or high-def airings!  While not continuous, it pops up frequently enough to be distracting. When noise isn't visible, "CHUCK: SEASON ONE" looks great, offering well saturated colors and plenty of "jump-off-the-screen" depth-filled moments. It's pretty good, overall, but it should look at least consistently as good as the 1080i airings, and it doesn't.

WARNER BROS has provided a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix.  Not nearly as aggressive as the mix for "SUPERNATURAL: SEASON 3," "CHUCK" offers mostly front-focused separation, with better than average dynamic range. Unfortunately, even when surround effects are utilized, bass is minimal, making action scenes lose most of their punch.

A variety of featurettes, as well as audition clips, are offered.