SRP $199.00 1.33:1 MONO A&E

While many major studios have found the market potential in releasing their television vaults on dvd, they’re still limited by the overall quality of material. This is why a smaller company, A&E has the advantage of owning the rights to some incredible material.  The Complete Emma Peel DVD Megaset  is a collection that everyone with an appreciation for great television should want included within their dvd collection. 

John Steed and Emma Peel are the main characters from the hit British television series, “THE AVENGERS.”   While John Steed had several partners, including Honor Blackman of “GOLDFINGER-“Pussy Galore” fame, it’s Ms. Emma Peel, who stands out in most people’s minds, as the essential part of this special agent duo.  This boxed set is made up of 16 discs and 50 episodes.  From her debut episode, “THE TOWN OF NO RETURN” to her last “THE FORGET-ME-KNOT,” it’s easy to see why she is so loved by fans. Her wit, sophistication and charm, were only outdone by her beauty. Her ability to blend martial arts skills with scientific knowledge, helped create a persona, unmatched at the time, creating a character highly sensual, but sophisticated at the same time. And, let’s not forget the black leather!  Ms. Peel even puts on some dominatrix attire in one of the best episodes, “A TOUCH OF BRIMSTONE,.” an episode considered risqué at its time, it hasn’t been available for viewing in the US until now.

A&E has rightly earned great respect for the quality restorations they’ve given to many of their releases.  While each episode reveals some minor damage due to the age of the source material, they’ve all been cleaned up considerably, and look much better than this reviewer can recall seeing on any cable airing of the show.  Colors are generally solid, and there are no signs of artifact problems anywhere! 

A&E has done a magnificent job in terms of remastering the sound for these episodes.  While all are still in their original mono, there are no signs of distortion, and the fidelity is remarkable, especially noticeable during the show’s memorable theme.  Dialogue is always intelligible and free from distortion.

There are some stills included here, but otherwise, no real supplements. Still, with so many truly outstanding episodes, as well as the overall high quality of the transfers, “THE COMPLETE EMMA PEEL-MEGASET” is a real “MUST HAVE” for any serious dvd collection.