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The Covenant DVD Cover Art
SRP $28.95 2.35:1 DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 SONY

This reviewer expected "THE COVENANT" would probably fit into the mold of other Renny Harlin films, love it(DIE HARD 2) or hate it(DEEP BLUE SEA).  It's actually more akin to "Dawson's Creek "meets "THE LOST BOYS".  It's a guilty pleasure. Everything about it tends to feel so forced and ridiculous, but at the same time, it's hard not to have a hidden smile. "THE COVENANT" is a fun film.  The plot focuses on spoiled Ivy Leaguers who've benefited from being part of a long line of witches/warlocks.  When a new student and stud, suddenly joins the college, the guys are more than a little thrown off by his magnetic effect on the all the hot girls and begin to suspect he's got some deep secrets that need to be uncovered.

Virtually every scene runs up to the line of becoming embarrassing and then gleefully jumps over it with vigor again and again and again. It's hard not to be taken in by it! The film patronizes its target audience, and one knows that they're buying into it, in the same way fans bought into the ridiculous plotlines of "BAYWATCH"! "THE COVENANT" is bad and fun at the same time, only the filmmakers really believe they've made something that's "good" and fun.

SONY has provided the correct 2.35:1 aspect ratio and 1080p/MPEG--2 transfer.  "THE COVENANT" ranks high up there with the best BLU-RAY transfers so far! Colors are incredibly vibrant offering staggering images over and over. The detail in every single scene is amazing, offering continuous "WOW" moments for viewers.  It's a real shame that all BLU-RAYS don't look this good! 

The dvd transfer features the same aspect ratio and an impressive transfer, although it's grainy in various scenes wherein the blu-ray is flawless.  There's a surprising amount of detail in the dvd image as well, as evidenced in the opening sequence. Even more impressive is the level of detail in darker dvd scenes. However, this is a perfect example of how much better BLU-RAY resolution is over even an impressive looking dvd.

SONY has provided a PCM 5.1 mix.  This is an aggressive mix, offering non-stop directional/panning/discrete effects. Even during less involving moments, the atmosphere is creative and noticeable.  While there's a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix, the PCM mix is much more impressive, with better dynamic range and better bass effects.

SONY has provided a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix for the dvd and BLU-RAY. There are no noticeable differences between the mixes. Both are excellent and offer aggressive effects continuously.  However, the bass effects and dynamic range can't compete with the PCM mix offered on the BLU-RAY.

SONY has included an audio commentary with Director Renny Harlin, who seems to believe he's created a really great film and buys into the idea that this is a film of substance akin to "WALL STREET"! He's unintentionally hilarious!

A lengthy featurette with behind-the-scenes moments is included.