The Voyager Company has just announced that beginning in January they will begin releasing DVD titles. Some of those scheduled for released are: AMACORD, THE KILLER, HARD BOILED, A NIGHT TO REMEMBER, and more!

Voyager has been world reknowned for their extensive supplementary editions of classic films from past-to-present. Their commitment to laser should prove beneficial to all film lovers demanding the highest quality editions of film classics.

400 Blows,The-Dir. Francois Truffaut-Jean-Pierre Leaud,Patrick Auffey-2.35:1

Amacord-Dir.Federico Fellini-Magali Noel-1.85:a

Beauty and the Beast-Dir.Jean Cocteau-Jean Marais

Grand Illusion-Dir.Jean Renoir-Jean Gabin,Eric Von Stroheim

Hard Boiled-Dir.John Woo-Chow Yun Fat-1.85:1

Killer,The-Dir.John Woo-Chow Yun-Fat-1.85:1

Lady Vanishes,The-Dir.Hitchcock-Michael Redgrave,Margaret Lockwood

Night to Remember,A-Dir.Roy Baker-Kenneth Moore,David McCallum,Honor Blackman

Seven Samurai,The-Dir.Akira Kurosawa-Toshiro Mifune