COLUMBIA TRISTAR has released a welcome surprise on dvd. Walter Hill’s
“CROSSROADS” is a departure from the kinds of action films Hill has directed in
the past. It doesn’t contain the macho atmosphere of “SOUTHERN COMFORT”, “LONG
RIDERS” or most of his other films. But, it does contain the exciting visuals,
lyrical, deliberate pacing, and wonderful music that these and his other films
have always gravitated towards. Ralph Machio(KARATE KID) stars as Eugene, a
young guitarist, whom upon finding that a legendary blues musician is still
alive, embarks on a journey to free him from the captivity of the retirement
home he’s living in, in order to learn the blues from the best!  Willie(Joe
Seneca) informs Eugene that he must head to the “Crossroads” in Mississippi, in
order to conclude a bizarre situation he’s caught up in.  
Of course, along the way, Eugene learns some life lessons he’d not expected. 
Willie teaches him that blues aren’t something to be learned off of a page.
Rather, it comes from within one’s soul. This perspective also has everything to
do with the reason they’re headed to the “CROSSROADS” wherein a musical battle
to save one’s soul, literally, will ensue!

Columbia TRISTAR has preserved the film’s 1.85:1 aspect ratio, with 16:9
enhancement.  While there’s some infrequent grain, it’s a great image in
general.  Colors are solid and often rich.
Contrast is excellent, with great detail in darker scenes. Fleshtones appear
natural throughout. 
COLUMBIA TRISTAR has provided a DOLBY SURROUND MIX.  It’s not an aggressive mix,
however, surrounds do come to life when boosting the music, and that’s where
this mix shines. There’s great fidelity in these scenes.   There are no extras.