SRP $19.94 1.33:1 Dolby Digital 2.0 SONY

Those not fond or even disturbed by cartoonist Robert Crumb's work, will probably be more sympathetic to him, or more disturbed, after spending time with his brothers, in "CRUMB", being released on dvd by SONY.  Robert Crumb's work is as controversial as it is witty.  One's not sure whether he's actually politically motivated in some ways, or just perverted, but that's the beauty of Terry Zwigoff's film.  He allows the viewer to judge on their own, and there's plenty revealed to help in that process. 

Crumb's brothers are pathetic and unlikable and it's easy to imagine Robert being stuck in the same boat as them, if not for his artistic saving grace.

SONY has presented this release in its original full-frame ratio.  It has an independent, low-budget look, with colors varying from drab to strong, depending on the scene at hand.  The actual drawings shown here look great though.

SONY has presented a 2.0 mix. There's no separation noticeable, but dialogue is always intelligible and the background music is well defined. 

SONY has included an audio commentary with Zwigoff and Roger Ebert, a big fan of this documentary.  Needless to say, it's great and both talents offer plenty of insight into the film's central figure as well as the filmmaking process.