Csi: Crime Scene Investigation - The Complete First Season BRAY Cover Art
SRP $89.99 1.78:1 DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 PARAMOUNT/CBS

Before "CSI" became stale, silly and repetitive, it was a great show! In fact, it was great during its first four seasons, getting better with each following one, until about season 5. So, while "CSI:SEASON ONE" isn't the best season, it's still a really good one, and can demonstrate to fans of the current season, how much better the show really used to be!
William Petersen sort of reassumes the forensic investigator role he had in Michael Mann's "MANHUNTER," a film that obviously inspired the look and feel of this series, in many ways.  Playing Gil Grissom, he makes the role his own, offering a complex character, resolute in his personal mission to solve the case at hand, but also tough and courageous enough to not be swayed by the politics of the department or to accept anything at face value. Helping to provide conflict as well as camraderie are the great cast members, including Marg Helgenberger, Jorga Fox and more.
It's impossible to watch this first season, without coming away thinking Las Vegas is a much more dangerous city than practically anywhere else in the US! It does a great job at gripping the viewer from the opening minutes all the way through, and does so for each of its 23 first season episodes offered here.  And, while the series adds depth to its characters, occasionally revealing personal drama taking place for them outside of work, it never feels forced, as it has in most of its recent seasons as well as on the spin-off shows.
PARAMOUNT has provided the correct 1.78:1 aspect ratio for this 1080i/VC-1 blu-ray presentation.  This transfer is a strange hybrid. Colors are often vibrant, however fleshtones are sometimes way off!  In brighter scenes, contrast is excellent, but blacks aren't deep enough and darker scenes lack the fine detail present in brighter moments.  The detail is often fantastic, particularly in scenes revolving around the lab. However, there are plenty of moments wherein artifacts become distracting. Overall, while it shines in many scenes, there are enough instances where it's image is sub-par and takes away from what was looking like a great presentation. Let's hope that future seasons on blu-ray are given a more careful transfer.
PARAMOUNT has provided a DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 mix.  It's a reference quality mix!  The original series and its spin-off shows, all provide creative, and captivating audio experiences, whereas most tv shows don't!  This is one aggressive mix! While can, at times, be slightly overshadowed by effects, it's rarely the case here. And, LFE, discrete and panning effects are utlized with great purpose at many times in each episode, often giving the show the feel of it being a "big" production! Various big and small effects are effective in creating one of the most original environments for any hit series. 
A variety of extras for this blu-ray release, have been included.
An audio commentary with Director Danny Cannon, along with the "unaired" extended version of the pilot episode for the series. Cannon does a fine job at describing the production, and other themes, while always sounding likeable, and while it's hard to forgive his direction on "JUDGE DREDD," his work on this series and its its spin-offs as been consistently good. 
A documentary running close to 30 minutes, offers interviews and great footage, while examining the show's success, all in HD.
A short gag reel, deleted scenes, promos and a featurette are also included along with "ever-changing" BD-LiVE features.