HBO has released “CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM: SEASON 2”. Our only
criticism: DON’T MAKE US WAIT SO LONG FOR SEASON 3!  Larry David is
back again, as himself, and after anyone seeing the first season may
have had doubts the show could get funnier, this 2nd season answered
this challenge, throwing down the gauntlet for the third season.
Every single episode is hilarious, and one, relating to the music of
Wagner, is an absolute gem! 
The series has a “video” look, so colors aren’t as rich as they
appear on other HBO series like “THE SOPRANOS”.  Still, they’re
stable and fleshtones appear natural. There is minor artifacting from
time-to-time. It's in the original 1.33:1 ratio.
The soundmix is strictly designed for comedy.  There are no surround
effects that stick out, and the only noticeable separation is
reserved for the series’ music. Dialogue is always intelligible and
free from distortion.